Client Spotlight

Star Patient of The Month

Audrey is a high school student who stays active and involved in extracurricular activities year round. Last summer she experienced jaw locking for several hours at a time. The problem continued and eventually got worse. Her parents had taken her to her pediatrician, dentist, orthodontist, chiropractor and a TMJ specialist before finding Ried Physical Therapy.
After a few weeks, Audrey is no longer in pain and has the tools she needs to control any flare up in the future so that she can stay focused on the things that are important to her.
If you, like Audrey, have suffered from jaw pain and would like to meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to get back to doing what you love to do with confidence, please call 817-380-8077 or visit
A Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough history and examination of your injuries in order to see if Ried Physical Therapy would benefit you.
Perhaps you have some questions and you think it would be better to speak to someone at Ried Physical Therapy first so you can be 100% sure that we can help you.