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Healthy "You" Basic (1x/week) 

Come learn the basics of strengthening your core and start reaching your goals. Get back to feeling confident with the activities you love.

Healthy "You" Plus (2x/week)

Go beyond the basics and find yourself doing more of what you love. Crush your health goals and show the world what you're capable of.

Available via Zoom or In person

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All Healthy "You" Exercise Class participants will receive a FREE exercise ball!

Healthy "You" Exercise Classes

Healthy "You" Exercise Classes is our signature program designed to strengthen your core from the inside out - the right way - so that you can feel confident in your body and get more enjoyment out of the activities you love.

People think that having a strong core is all you need to prevent back pain or injury - but that's not enough - you need to know how to use your core properly, coordinate it with your breath, have good coordination, and be naturally aware of your body movement.

Our Healthy "You" Exercise Classes can be done 1x/week (Health "You" Basic) or 2x/week (Health "You" Plus)

This program is supervised by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Exercise Specialist - and it's now offered via Zoom so you can do it from the comfort of your own home! The Doctor of Physical Therapy and Exercise Specialist will be making sure to modified the exercises for your fitness level and previous injury history.

People who our in our program worry less about back pain and injury, spend less time at the doctor's office, rely less on pain pills, and focus more on the activities they love.

Class Schedule: 


10 am-11 am

5:00 pm-6 pm 



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They are very professional and cater to your needs with the upmost urgency. I am very satisfied with the level of service I was provided. From the very first session, I immediately knew they take pride in their work and ensuring clients are 100% satisfied. Ried Physical Therapy provided me with an excellent experience and I cannot thank them enough. Dr. Reid and his team are truly remarkable.

                                                                              - Nicole B.

Ried Physical Therapy is a great place to be if needed. Everyone is so friendly and you feel right at home. All the doctors are very friendly to everyone who comes in. I'd recommend anyone of the doctors, very through, helpful, knowledgeable and answers any and all questions.


- Pam W.

Do you have nagging neck pain or back pain that often gets in the way of exercising?

Are you afraid to push yourself or try new things because your back hurts or you just don't feel strong enough?

Have you injured yourself at an exercise class in the past and not sure how to get started back?