Health Programs

"The therapy has been great for improving my mobility and reducing the pain I felt after my injury to very minimal levels. Dr. Ried and his staff have done an excellent job helping me through the process and improving my understanding of how to maintain my body to prevent further issues and mitigate any pain."
                                                                   - Daniel S.

"I have attended PT sessions twice a week for several weeks. It has greatly improved my right knee so that I am able to walk without pain. Ried Physical Therapy gives me exercises that I am able to do at home. They teach me at the office and follow up that I do them correctly. That is important."

- Stella B.

What Past Patients Have To Say!

Healthy "You" - Exercise Class

"I came in for neck/jaw pain that was about 7 out of 10. Since I have been coming to therapy with Dr. Ried, over the past few weeks, I have made great progress. I an now pain free in my neck, shoulder, and jaw. I feel like I'm on the road to success...Pain free. Thanks for your help Dr. Ried!!"                                                                                                     - Marquita C.

Stay Active - Flexibility and Balance

"I thought I was on the way to back surgery. I was using a walker to ease the pain when I was up. Dr. Ried was recommended to me by a family member. I feel like I would try anything to avoid surgery. In just a little over a month with treatment I am absolutely free of nerve pain."
                                                         - Sandy M.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough history and examination of your injuries in order to see if Ried Physical Therapy would benefit you.

What is a Health Program?

Health programs are designed to keep you on track with your progress after physical therapy and rehabilitation. While the plan of care tracks a goal to before an injury, health programs go beyond the plan of care in providing lasting improvement and continued strengthening with the end goal of feeling better than before.


Benefits of participating in Health Programs

  • Maintaining progress acheived through therapy or rehabilitation
  • Reaching health goals in a community setting
  • Developing accountability with people just like you
Is a Health Program right for me?
Health Programs are designed for the people who want to continue strengthening beyond their plan of care. 
  1. Do you want to be able to do more of the activities you love?
  2. Do you want to be more active with your friends or family?
  3. Are you tired of temporary solutions to your pain?
If you answered 'YES' to any of those questions, health programming could be your next step.

Do you have nagging neck or back pain that often gets in the way of exercising?


Healthy "You" is designed to strengthen the core from the inside out - the right way - so that you can feel confident in your body and get more enjoyment out of the activities you LOVE!

The effects of inactivity can be dangerous resulting in decreased strength, decreased balance, pain, fatigue and even a fear of participating in normal activities.

Stay Active focuses on balance and flexibility. This program gives you the stability to do more with the activities you love. Balance and flexibility affects all of us and should be a key component of every health plan.

Perhaps you have some questions and you think it would be better to speak to someone at Ried Physical Therapy first so you can be 100% sure that we can help you.